My Friend Passport – Interview With Siobhan Forrest

“Your Airline’s Either Got It, Or It Hasn’t”. Siobhan, endearingly known amongst friends as Sy-oh-ba-han is just one of the reasons Britain’s flag carrier is “Still Red Hot After 29 Years”! As an authority on the matter and another fit friend I love, Siobhan shares with you some of her tips for travelling and gives you a locals perspective on how best to enjoy the noisy, vibrant and truly multicultural, London – on your next 24 hour stopover.


My confidante, fellow dreamer, partner in fun, creativity and travel – Siobhan.

Friend Stamp – Siobhan Forrest


Hit me with your elevator speech…

About me….I’m a piscean, bit of a gym bunny who’s recently found a passion for running. I’ve been a long haul flight attendant for the last 10 years which relieves my often itchy feet and has provided me with an international award in cocktail sipping in swanky locations! I’m ready now to have my heels more firmly on the ground and I’m looking forward to seeing what unfolds.

Your take on how we met….

Ibiza, deflated pink lilo, a meeting of minds, humour and souls, toe tapping while surrounded by mutual friends…..

Siobhan and I catching up for my birthday dinner in New York City - July 2011

Siobhan and I catching up for my birthday dinner in New York City – July 2011

Where is your favourite destination to relax and unwind?

Well if it’s a work trip I can be found in Johannesburg, it’s starting to heat up and so the vitamin D combined with no jet lag works so much better for my body. The gym and spa there is amazing too! If it’s my own time, being able to take advantage of the snow and slopes of Europe (right on my doorstep), is always a great workout too! I usually follow an exhilarating afternoon of snowboarding with a heavenly hot chocolate (dark of course).

Let loose in London for 24 hours only, what would be on your list of must do and see?

London in 24hrs!!! Ok…Food Lab on Essex road Islington is a perfect breakfast/lunch local hotspot for organic, fresh, homemade delicious food. Spitalfields market for some east London culture, hidden treasures or the hippest finds on students stalls from the London College of Fashion. A ride in a London black taxi. Cocktails in ECC Chinatown but make sure you google how to find it first as it’s unmarked! A jog along the Thames passing the Tower of London, Big Ben, Tate Modern. Afternoon tea at The Wolseley.

When travelling what staple items are in your carry on luggage?

Well I definitely never travel without Elizabeth Ardens 8hr cream. The most nourishing and rehydrating cream that can be used on lips and eyes. I’d always have my ipad, a book, probably a couple of mags to flick through. A large Evian water bottle, the sports cap work best for me and also some Green & Blacks 85% chocolate for those travelling sugar lows and movie munchies!

As a frequent flyer, how do you manage your beauty sleep and GTY (gym, tan, yoga) whilst being part of the international glamourset?

I think the secret to keeping up with the GTY is about timing and using the resources available while travelling to your advantage. I’m a fan of Bikram yoga and so I always look up the studios and timetable of where I’m going and also any deals from local beauty salons that are in the area, it’s good to fuel the local businesses rather than the large hotel groups.


Where are your favourite places to shop in London for healthy, organic wholefoods and supplements?

My London favourite organic store would be Wholefoods. The store is huge and packed with everything you could imagine. More local though to me, and a shop I use daily is Mother Earth, they make the best raw pizza and raw chocolate fudge I’ve ever had, yummy!

Your award goes to…….. as London’s number one, healthy dining hotspot?

Food Lab on Essex Rd, Islington is my favourite local place to swing by for fresh juice or to have lunch/dinner. The menu changes daily, it’s all organic, prepared and cooked on site, tasty, I just wish they were all over London.

Are there any fitness classes or places to enjoy training outdoors that you would consider unique to London, to keep our bodies as trim, taut and tauriffic as yours?

Don your Nikes and headphones, set some tunes up and run! Start off at St Paul’s follow the Thames taking in all the sights, history and culture of London, crossing over Tower bridge and many more. The great thing is you can make your run as long or short as you want and even slowing to a jog or walk there’s still loads to see.

What’s your favourite on the go, healthy snack choice?

My first snack of choice is Naked cocoa orange bar. It dairy, gluten, wheat free, 100% raw and vegan, one of your five a day and MADE IN BRITAIN.

Fave on the go snack!

Fave on the go snack!

Can’t live without natural beauty enhancer to keep you looking fresh, hydrated and ready to hit the worlds best dance floors, post flight and where do you shop for it?

Water mainly, apart from that, then the beauty enhancers I can’t go without would have to be a shimmer for my lips, a dark kohl for the eyes and Rimmel scary black mascara. All available at a local pharmacy or department store. However, always a squirt of Chanel No.5 or else I’d feel nude and that’s just rude ;-)

Love, Light and Gratitude to you for sharing your knowledge Siobhan!