Make The best c…


Make the best choice from what’s available – Victoria Moran

This is what Victoria coins as then best piece of dietary advice you will ever hear, meaning the best choice from what you as an individual knows today, the best nutritionally, the best taste, at the right price.

When on the go so frequently, this is a great mantra to live by!

Linda’s Exercise and Feel Good Lists

The act of writing things down helps to clarify your thoughts, remember things better and makes you more likely to reach your goals.

People who wrote down their goals, shared them with others and maintained accountability for their goals were 33% more likely to achieve them, versus those who just formulated goals – according to a psych professor at the Dominican University of California.

As requested by my personal trainer, I was given the task of writing down two lists.

1. Linda’s Exercise List (old and new)

This basically includes any exercise I like doing, can do, have thought about doing or plan to learn. A documented list to stretch myself and watch my productivity and energy levels expand as I step out of my comfort zone and experience myself in a brand new way.

Without further ado, here is my library of exercise ideas to share with you.


2. Linda’s Feel Good List

….anything that boosts my energy, helps me relax or makes my soul feel good.


The purpose being to challenge myself to at least one thing off each list per day.

I encourage you too to compose a a library of exercise goals and feel good rewards to share and refer back to. Even after a long hard day of travelling, if you seem to have lost a day somewhere in transit and are just too exhausted to get active, try and allow some time to wind down with something from your feel good list. Make a note in your journal (or just mentally if you wish) when you do something new and congratulate yourself for doing so! It has a knock on effect to the rest of your life, so be prepared to achieve more, effortlessly!

Lady L x