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For all my followers and readers out there, you may have noticed I have been AWOL for the past few weeks. In that time I have been working on a more user friendly and attractive site that is a truer reflection of my authentic self and my target audience.

A big big thank you to Nikki Hassett from Bliss Inventive for all of her magic, creativity, patience, dedication, hard work, love and overtime used in making my bliss happen!

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Thanks so much for your support over the last six months or so, I can’t wait to share my new home with you and get this show on the road.

I hope you like it as much as I do!


Day 3 – 30 Day – 30 minute – Fitness Challenge

Day 3 and so far so good, I am still on track. After a late goodnight, getting out of bed for my workout prior to my midday standby was a struggle. Knowing that I have made a commitment to myself and to you and the uncertainty surrounding the rest of my day, I knew it had to be done, that it could be a case of now or never. The toughest lift of my day was getting my butt out of bed!

The plan for today was to step things up a notch. Although I didn’t complete the circuit training workout I had mentally prepared for, I did increase the duration of my yoga workout.

Sometimes I like to go to classes and other days I have my iPad on standby for situations where time is of the essence, or I am limited to the surrounds of my Hotel. As I delayed crawling out of bed and starting my yoga practice until the last minute, 11:15 am to be precise, it was modern technology to the rescue. I didn’t want to run much later than the start of my standby, just incase I had to interrupt my class with a quick call to the airport.

Yesterday I downloaded a new app, I have quite a few as I like a bit of variety. The app is called Yoga: 300 Poses and Yoga classes. It was one of the more expensive apps I have purchased (AED 22.28) but I believe worth it for the 45 different classes it provides with different areas of focus…everything from headache relief to better eyesight. You can choose from Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Guru, or Universal. Be warned though, the Thorough Relaxation class I took last night is labelled “Universal”. Thinking it would be light and fluffy, I was shocked that it worked it’s way up to various forms of headstands – at this point I am not that advanced. It also has a calendar feature to track your progress and a choice of languages.

Todays yoga lesson lasted for 53 minutes. It was called “Beginners Yoga For Back and Abs”, a strengthening set benefiting the back and abdominal muscles. My goal achieved, plus a little more. If there is any lesson that I have learnt from this mornings experience is to practice yoga on an empty stomach. This is the best time for yoga practice, and it is a good idea to allow the digestion of a meal to be done before practicing yoga, so leave 2-4 hours between your meal and yoga practice. Yoga before breakfast is an ideal option, not so great on a full stomach.

Tomorrow I am locked into my personal training session, the start of what will become an intense 30min weekly visit as opposed to an hour fortnightly. I’ll let you know how that goes then…if I can still type ;-)

I am going to leave you tonight with a snapshot of this evenings dinner and a quote inspired by todays yoga teaching.

Quinoa, black bean, kale, snow pea, avocado and pepita salad. Tossed in olive oil and lemon juice. Tasty!

Quinoa, adzuki bean, kale, snow pea, avocado and pepita salad. Tossed in olive oil and lemon juice. Tasty!

Yoga has a sly, clever way of short circuiting the mental patterns that cause anxiety. Baxter Bob

For those of you who have decided to get on-board and travel with me on this journey, send me a postcard to share your story or feel free to chat about your personal triumphs or setbacks in the comment section below.


30 Day – 30 Minute – August Fitness Challenge

Four months back when I started this blog, you may have read my post about gifting myself with Hot Cross Buns for Easter. It was subsequently followed by the story about my fears around exercising and the list of excuses I had come up with to stay within the boundaries of my comfort zone.

Since then I have been seeing a personal trainer twice a month, tried an array of new classes in various countries such as Zumba, Five Rhythms and Nia, added to my library of exercise competencies and been introduced to equipment such as kettle bells, various weights, stability balls and most recently the TRX® Suspension Trainer™. At times I have acquired pain in places I didn’t know even existed as my muscles were being slowly woken up. I initially found difficulty sitting down or walking for a few days, post workout. One time I felt as if I actually needed a zimmerframe to leave my Hotel room….and I am not exaggerating!

I trained outdoors until the weather made it unbearable, along my journey discovering new things and places in Dubai such as a Byky station at Souk Al Bahar where you can rent bicycles for 20dhs per hour and ride around the Burj Plaza area, the pedestrian walkway between Dubai Mall station and the actual mall and a bunch of subtle signs that hinted I am on the right track.

The view from my bus stop to my destination at the  Burj Plaza park - situated right behind the worlds tallest building, The Burj Khalifa (on the left). On this particular day I went one stop too far on the bus which led me to the Metro station and the signs I have pictured below.

The view from my bus stop to my destination at the Burj Plaza park – situated right behind the worlds tallest building, The Burj Khalifa (on the left). On this particular day I went one stop too far on the bus which led me to the Metro station and the signs I have pictured below. Yes you read that correctly…I may very well be the only cabin crew who has ever set foot on the bus and I love it!



Throughout my fitness journey I have been exercising an average of four times a week and now I feel it’s time to step up my pace and challenge myself to 30 consecutive days of training, for a minimum of 30 minutes. This is planned to go on – rain, flight, sand storm or heat wave!

The same way I committed to my 30 day smoothie challenge (these days my daily groothie is prepared on auto-pilot) I intend to make this part of my daily practice.

One of my 30 days of green love

One of my 30 days of green love

Things that have proven barriers in the past:

Time Management

Always waiting for the perfect moment…saying I’ll do it after this or that and then realising another day has passed and then it gets put on my list for mañana. On the days when I get up and workout first thing, I get hydrated early and create a positive, energised and focused mind-set for the rest of the day. Do you realise how good it feels knowing your day is free of thinking about where and when you are going to squeeze in your fitness regime, or not having to feel guilty about skipping it completely?

One particular morning I did an intense at home workout before heading off to the standby lounge. When I came home I wandered up to the local shops to purchase a few necessities and was rewarded with nearly 1000 dirhams worth of shopping vouchers. I just happened to be in the right place at the right time. This was something that never would have happened if I came home thinking I must get a workout in before the day is over and I felt like it was a signal encouraging me to use my mornings to my advantage more often.

My other reasons are a side effect of time management…..missing the window of opportunity before of after a flight, frequently getting sucked into the World Wide Web or being too full to workout after a meal.

Last but not least, I sometimes get distracted by my boyfriends company – especially when he is at my place. I live in a studio apartment and I don’t feel as free to move around in the eary hours when he is there. Given that he likes to go to sleep and rise late and I like to generally wake with the sun, this can put me out of sync with my daily rituals.

The moral of the story is, most of these instances could be overcome if I just got up and got my GTY (gym, tan, yoga) on, even if Nic is still enjoying his dreamtime.

During the next 30 days I am sure there are plenty of workout suggestions I could be following that would condition me to the best version of myself. Right now, that isn’t my vision. August is about forming healthy, sustainable, exercise habits. Once the foundations are there, then I will start thinking about my bikini bod and getting noticeable results from my efforts.

  • Day 1 – a slow start which included a 15 min walk, followed by 30 mins cycling.
  • Day 2 – 35 min thorough relaxation yoga program ( via my iPad ), as I left this until late evening and didn’t want to energise myself too much before bed.

Tomorrow I plan to pick up the pace a little. Stay tuned! In saying that I must sign off now as I have standby from midday so I want to get moving by 10am at the latest.

Saying goodnight now on Day 2 of my 30 day fitness challenge. I encourage you all to join me on my quest to create a daily fitness habit. If you feel like you need a professional encourager to help you take one baby step at a time, connect with me here, I would love to help.

Ciao for now!

Linda :-)

Summer Wellness Tune Up Guide

Courtesy of the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, I am excited to share an abundance of Holistic Wellness tips, just in time for summer!

It’s chock full of delicious recipes and creative ways to stay healthy with seasonal foods and activities all summer long.


My Friend Passport – Shelley Audette

Shelley is another great friend I have met throughout my journey as a Flight Attendant and who I was lucky enough to have welcome me into her home, when I went to New York, for the recent IIN Live conference. As New York is my theme for the month and with so many things to see and do, Shelley offers another insiders choice on how to spend a fit and fabulous 24 hours, in the city that never sleeps.

Friend Stamp – Shelley Audette

Shelley Audette

Shelley Audette

Shelley’s take on how we met..
I met Linda in NYC on her birthday in 2011. This was our first face to face. We had a number of mutual friends but never happened to be at the same place at the same time. Everyone always spoke very highly about Linda and vice versa about me to her. We friended each other on Facebook and now the rest is history.

NYC Hotel foyer, whilst visiting on an impromptu pull out from standby! Happy days!

NYC Hotel foyer, whilst visiting on an impromptu pull out from standby! Happy days!

Which gorgeous part of New York City is lucky enough to have you as a current resident?
I live in Astoria, Queens, NYC. I get to have a friendly neighbourhood feel but am just minutes away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Tell me a bit about yourself…
I am a Canadian who was made the move to NYC 3 years ago after marrying the love of my life. I have a fond interest in cooking and sharing healthy lifestyle tips with my friends.

Let loose in New York City for 24 hours only, what would be on your list of must do and see?
My must see would include: Museum of Modern Art, Barbuto, Big Gay Ice Cream shop (for those with ad sweet tooth), a stroll through the west village, the Highline and 5 ptz graffiti park.

When travelling what staple items are in your carry on luggage?
I try and only pack a carry on. Having been in a long distance relationship with Bobby for 3 years before moving here, I need to travel as light as possible. I can fit a full weeks worth of clothing in my carry on. I have a real fear that the airline will lose my luggage.

What are your best tips for staying on track with regards to healthy eating and exercise whilst away from your homely creature comforts and routine?
I like to preplan where I can find green smoothies or juice. They are the key to keeping my body in check when I am away. When on vacation I typically opt to walk every where so I can enjoy the tasty delights of what ever city I am visiting.

Where are your favourite places to shop in NYC for healthy, organic whole foods and supplements?
Whole foods and Costco are my go to but we supplement with grocery delivery from Fresh Direct. We also frequent a few little organic shops in Astoria.

What would be your choice of New York’s number one, healthy dining hotspot?
Depends how you define healthy, our favorite spot to eat out is Bareburger. I know the source of all their ingredients and they are all organic and animal friendly.


Are there any fitness classes or places to enjoy training outdoors, that you would consider unique to New York City?
Central Park is always lovely for a walk through the park, bike ride or run.

What’s your favoured on the go, healthy snack choice?
Fresh fruit. We always have a fridge full so they are easy accessible.

Thank-you Shelley… oh and did I mention she is also responsible for getting me onto the green smoothie challenge in April….what a grand idea!!! Thanks again!

My Friend Passport – Interview With Keri Badach

Do you ever wish you had a like minded local offering you advice on the best places to shop nutritiously, eat clean and get fit in their home city?

One of the perks of being a flight attendant is having the opportunity to meet people from all over the world but more importantly, being able to build on that relationship, with the option to visit them in person on a fairly frequent basis. Over the years I have had the pleasure to have quite a few soul collisions in various necks of the wood and would like to share with you some of the peeps that have left a stamp in my friend passport. Each week I will interview a different amigo to contribute their fave ideas and recommendations on travelling and how get the most from their city in a twenty four hour stay.

I often find myself repeating the same thing over in each city and revisiting my favourite haunts. I am hoping that some fresh insight will inspire us globalistas to take full advantage of the fortune we have, to visit so many amazing cities across the globe.

Friend Stamp – Keri Badach


Keri and I met through our studies at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, initially on Skype. When I went to New York for the IIN Live conference, we officially met at a lovely cocktail party, hosted at the Hudson Hotel. It was great fun, but one weekend is just not enough time to spend with a wonderful person like Keri!

Which gorgeous part of the globe is lucky enough to have you as a current resident?
• The Big Apple, New York City, NY

Hit me with your elevator speech.
• My name is Keri Badach and I just love discovering and bringing out the best in others. I love meeting new people and listening to their unique stories and I am inspired by helping others to live their best lives, mind, body, and soul.

Let loose in New York City for 24 hours only, what would be on your list of must do and see?
• 24 hours is just not enough time! I would probably stay along the West Side Highway and
(1) have a morning run around the tip of Manhattan,
(2) have a picnic and nap outside near Battery Park City,
(3) meet some friends for a drink at the Standard Biergarten,
(4) walk along the High Line,
(5) take a trapeze flying class at Chelsea Piers, and
(6) then take a relaxing night time sailboat trip down the Hudson.

When travelling, what staple items are in your carry-on luggage?
• I bring an empty water bottle to fill once I pass through security, a good lip moisturizer, a few books (one fiction and one non-fiction), some fruit or cut-up veggies for snacking, and a travel blanket or pashmina to make sure I sleep well.

What are your favourite tips for staying on track with regards to healthy eating and exercise whilst away from your homely creature comforts and routine?
• I bring some portable workout items along for my journey…a jump rope, resistance bands, some workout DVDs that I can play on my lap-top or I print out some great bodyweight workouts. I also use an early morning run to get to know my new city and plan my day’s itinerary.

Where are your favourite places to shop in NYC for healthy, organic wholefoods and supplements?
• I live on the Upper West Side and go to Whole Foods Market for many of my healthy staples. But I also like The Health Nuts and Gary Null’s Uptown Whole Foods for the harder to find treasures.

Your choice of New York’s number one healthy dining hotspot?
• In New York, we are lucky to have a ton of really wonderful healthy eateries…you can literally find a fresh and healthy salad bar on almost every street corner. One of my favorite places though is Souen, which is an organic, macrobiotic eatery with 3 locations near Union Square, in the East Village, and in SoHo. My favorite thing to order there is their macrobiotic sushi made with brown rice, a mixture of unique veggies, ripe avocado and in a portion size that makes this hungry girl very happy!

Is there any fitness class or place to enjoy training outdoors that you would consider unique to New York City?
• In New York, we have it all. We have everything from pole dancing classes, to aerial yoga, to military-style boot camps. For outdoor fun, there is the Brooklyn Bridge Boot Camp. I have never done it myself, but hear it is pretty amazing!

What’s your favourite on the go, healthy snack choice?
• Simple stuff…fruits, veggies and even sometimes greek yogurt.

Can’t live without natural beauty product and where can it be sourced?
• I love rose oil for fragrance and I buy it from Aveda.

Keri, bridesmaid at her twin sisters wedding :-)

Keri, bridesmaid at her twin sisters wedding :-)

Thank you Keri! I hope to see you in New York again soon! Xx