Closing The Distance Between Us – 15 Things You May Or May Not Know About Me

When I write my blog posts I often forget I am writing to a bigger audience than my nearest and dearest. I write as if I am chatting with my besties, because I consider you amongst those I call my friends.

In saying that, some of you who haven’t known me that long might be curious about the missing pieces to the Linda puzzle.

So, for those of you I haven’t had the pleasure of making a guest cameo appearance into your story of life, here is a trailer to my authentic self.

    • I love anything kitch and retro, especially pink flamingoes, think Miami front lawns circa 1972.
    • My Dad used to always tell me everything is good in moderation. I am pretty sure he wasn’t referring to the nasty stuff that would see me put behind bars, although a life of balance and harmony is something I strive for each and every day.
    • Disorganisation within my home or long periods away from it make me feel anxious, off balance and lose focus. I need regular alone time and connection to my creature comforts to refuel my fire. It doesn’t taking a degree in rocket science to see that my days of living the life of a suitcase entrepreneur are well and truly numbered.
    • My biggest fear in the world is snakes and the thought of moving back to Oz freaks me out a little, for that very reason.
    • I am a Cancerian which means I am homely, affectionate, maternal, nurturing & have a hard outer shell but extremely soft and sweet on the inside.
    • I am totally in love with my sponsor child, an orphaned Amazonian Woolly monkey I named Serenity, living in Peru. We met after her mother had been shot for food and she was left to fend for herself. A local Peruvian who was working on the permaculture farm we were staying brought her in for rescue and it was mutual love at first sight. After spending three days playing mother dearest, I had to return to civilisation and have missed her dearly.
Monkey Magic with Serenity, my precious little jewel found at Chakra Alegria De Amor, Peru.

Monkey Magic with Serenity, my precious little jewel found at Chakra Alegria De Amor, Peru.

    • I am half Italian (my Dad’s side) and proud. I feel so blessed to have been able to grow up experiencing amazing cuisine and fresh produce. I am thankful for my curious palette and the passion I have towards food and cooking.
    • I’m quite partial to a costume party. Previous alias’s include Wonder Woman, Kylie Minogue and Nancy Spungen from Sid and Nancy fame (mistaken for Sandy from Grease) – to name a few.
Sid Vicious and Nancy Spungen at a friends " Dead Celebrity" party.

Sid Vicious and Nancy Spungen at a friends ” Dead Celebrity” party.

  • Although I have been immersed in various concrete jungles over the past two decades, I am a born and bred country girl. I see a return to my roots in the foreseeable future.
  • I consider myself a guru in creating awesome vacations and want to include holistic holiday planning as part of my service in the future.
  • I have acquired many nicknames over the years but the ones I currently answer to are Lady L (a term of endearment given to me by my boyfriend Nic) and The L Vitamin (the love drug/bug). The L Vitamin was inspired by listening to lectures given by Joshua Rosenthal the founder of the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. He refers to Vitamin L as the love vitamin which is often missing in people’s primary foods. L also represents Linda and as your health coach I support you with the love you need to create the life you want. When you squish The L Vitamin together you get my initials LV in the middle. Cool huh?!
  • For a good part of my twenties and early thirties I was flying solo. After becoming aware of the voice of my ego and learning how to put it on mute, I finally had the courage to stop worrying about what everyone else thought of me, wean myself off my addiction to the security of being surrounded by gay men and create the loving relationship I have today.
  • I am a reformed party princess and festival junkie. Once upon a time I considered myself a local celebrity on Sydney’s infamous Oxford St, clicking and shimmying my way in and out of every nightclub on the strip. For a short time I had a gig as the Queen of Dubai Disco Royalty, but when the King relocated to Italy, I passed on the crown. Although I will probably be returning to Burning Man (in the Nevada desert) with my future children to awaken their creativity and appreciate the gift of giving, my dance floor fix these days is quenched through Nia training and Gabrielle Roth’s “5 Rhythms” dance meditations.
  • I am convinced that myself and Peter Pan may very well have been separated at birth. I guess you could refer to me as a late bloomer and I will always be young at heart.
  • I am a modern day hippy, otherwise referred to as a glippy (glamourous hippy).

I am going to leave you with my mantra for the day….