Beautiful advice from a divorced man after 16 years of marriage

As holistic health focuses on various aspects and one of the most important primary foods being relationships, I thought I would share this great advice from a divorced man, reflecting on things he would have done differently if given a second chance.

This is a great read for men wondering what women want and need in a relationship and for women to highlight areas that may be lacking and could be worked through together to fine tune the love they already have.

To nurture your relationships with attention and appreciation, please read on….

Beautiful advice from a divorced man after 16 years of marriage.

3 thoughts on “Beautiful advice from a divorced man after 16 years of marriage

    • I am glad you enjoyed it and thank you so much for the praise! Your words motivate me to keep sharing my thoughts and the great stories from others that resonate with me. It’s great to know someone is reading and appreciating my efforts! Thanks again Luis!

  1. hey there, great article you shared and for sure some great pieces of advice we can take on and live by, thank you

    i ran a similiar series on my blog a while back where i got a bunch of friends from strong marriages to share a piece of advice as to one thing that helped strengthen their marriage and came up with some excellent stuff worth passing on –

    with relationships it makes so much sense to not try and walk it alone but to journey alongside friends and family and whoever is safe in your life that you can trust and rely on and so learning from those who have successfully walked the road makes a lot of sense as well…

    all the best
    love brett fish

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