My 30 Day August Fitness Challenge – Catching up on the past 6 days

Wow, has it really been almost a week since I last checked in?! It seems like just yesterday I was at Bickram yoga, on the eve on my trip to New York City. It is definitely true that time flies when you are having fun!

It is approaching Day 13 of my 30 day fitness challenge, almost the half way mark and although at times I have not had the stamina for a high intensity workout, I have definitely stayed committed to leaving the sedentary position for at least 30 minutes each day. The main point of deviation since we were last in touch is that I have been flying. This has really had an impact on my energy and motivation levels. For the first six days I was all gung ho. Being able to make exercise a priority in my day and manage my time to coordinate with my get up and go attitude made a big difference. Put me on a 13 hour flight, followed by a never ending bus ride to our Manhattan hotel, and you have not much more than a gym bunny wannabe.

This is a picture of how the next few days panned out….

Day 7

Post 13 hour flight, I could only muster up the energy to walk to Lululemon on 75th and Broadway. That’s a good 30mins there and back, my minimum target achieved. Hardly the most impressive effort, however normally at that point of the day I would have been heading straight to zzzzzz land.

Lululemon Athletica - New York City

Lululemon Athletica – New York City

Whilst there I picked up a new yoga mat. I justified the purchase of my second yoga mat by the desire to have one at my place and one at Nic’s. That way I don’t have to cart one back and forth from place to place and I don’t have the excuse of not having my mat handy as a reason not to partake in a daily yoga practice.

I have been eyeing off this particular mat (the towel mat) for a while as it has some great motivational quotes written on it. It also has the added bonus of being super absorbent (good for Bickram or outdoor yoga in the heat) and can be thrown in the washing machine, should it get a little grimy.

The towel mat at Lululemon

The towel mat at Lululemon

Day 8

My workout for today started with a hotel room “Sun Salutation For Wellness” class that I have mentioned in my previous posts. This is approximately 18mins, start to finish.
A long day of walking about the city followed, including a 15 minute walk from the Hotel to a second hand bookstore, weighed down with two shopping bags full of books and a 20 or so minute stroll along the Hudson River, starting at Chelsea Market and ending at Pier 40. There I had the opportunity to check out a trapeze lesson at TSNY and find some new yoga gear from Green Apple Active. Some of the boasted benefits of their threads made from vegan, organic, bamboo include a natural anti- bacterial and deodorisation effect, breathability and thermal control (to keep you warm in winter and cool in the warmer months), UVA protection and a host of environmental pluses to boot. It was a great find as next month I am heading to the Pervian Amazon for vacation and it will be perfect for covering up to keep the mosquitos at bay, without having to roast in the heat and humidity.

TSNY - Trapeze School New York

TSNY – Trapeze School New York

I forgot to mention that I had lunch with my friend Gaby at Google head office. What an awesome opportunity to see what goes on behind google doors. Highlights were the juice/smoothie bar where I picked up a green juice and the Rawr salad bar selection. It was like being at a brunch buffet, without the booze and hefty price tag. All the employees have the opportunity to utilise this perk for free and as Gaby’s guest, I was also included on their comp list. Lunch was enjoyed outside with the backdrop of New York City’s concrete skyline, happy days!

Day 9

Three words….lost in transit!

Day 10

My motivation slipping a little, feeling a bit jet lagged and sad to report my efforts today were minimal. 30 minute round trip to and from the Metro station. I somehow feel this doesn’t quite cut it. Directly after an ultra long range flight I can justify this slackening off, however I had a full nights sleep prior to the commencement of Day 10. Grrrr

Day 11

Back in full swing. Today I met with Michelle my personal trainer for an intense session of ‎Rip:60™, broken up with a hefty inclusion of spiderman push ups thrown in. I also got to debut my new weight training gloves, as well purchased in New York City.

My new weight training gloves

My new weight training gloves

Day 12

Here I am in Rome. Post flight I showered and immediately donned my gym get up and began moving. I started with a ten minute dynamic warm up, followed with 10 minutes of ab workouts, 10 minutes of butt exercises and 15 minutes of yoga to wind down. This was once again all performed with the guidance of my trusty iPad and the multitude of fitness apps I have to guarantee boredom is kept at bay.

To ensure Day 13 is greeted with as much as enthusiasm as the past two, I must say good night now so I can start my day ready to rock and roll before heading into enjoy the inner city gems and my friends in Roma.

I am going to leave you with one of my favourite lululemon quotes and a big high five to everyone that has been keeping up the pace on our 30 day fitness challenge together.



Ciao for now,

Linda :-)

2 thoughts on “My 30 Day August Fitness Challenge – Catching up on the past 6 days

  1. Wow you have a friend at Google? Michael’s dream place to work. Can she help him to get a summer internship there next July? Probably not buy I might as well ask! :)

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