30 Day Fitness Challenge – Day 4-5-6

For anyone wondering where I have been for the past few days and if all’s good in the hood….I am happy to report that I am still going strong with the fitness challenge and feeling great. A little muscle ache, but nothing that requires a special assistance team to get me to an from the aircraft.

Although I have committed to 30 consecutive days of participating in a minimum of 30 minutes exercise per day, reporting back to you with the same level of frequency is not something I can guarantee. Sometimes things like, health, travel, love and living a balanced life, will take priority over my fitness rants.

Day 4

When I spoke to you last I mentioned I had a personal training session the next day, which I am pleased to say, was completed as schedule. As Michelle wanted me to get as much bang for my buck (and butt) as we could into our half hour session together, she requested I get started by myself with a ten minute warm up. Here is a copy of the pre-work out sequence she suggested. If you aren’t sure what some of these moves are, I suggest you have a quick search on YouTube for a demo, like I do.

Michelle's pre-workout warm up.

Michelle’s pre-workout warm up.

That day I was feeling particularly active and decided to do a 30 minute cycling session too.

Day 5

Yesterday I started my day with an 18 minute “Sun Salutation For Wellness” class, from the All-In Yoga app I mentioned in my previous post. I don’t want to get in the habit of only doing yoga each day, as I want to keep things interesting and keep my body and muscles guessing. I feel that this basic yoga practice is something that I’d like to do to compliment my other workout choices on the days when I don’t participate in a longer yoga session. I also did 20 minutes of walking yesterday and my own 35 minute circuit routine in the comfort of my own lounge room. The equipments I have to assist me with circuit training are a 6kg kettle bell (which is starting to feel like a feather), a stability ball, skipping rope and my dining room chair. Next time I will document specifically what I do, for sharing purposes. The audio pleasure of one of my favourite music sets found me having a little click and shimmy before each change, which also seemed to make the time pass rather quickly. Day 5 was a struggle as I had quite a busy day of lunch and girlfriend duties, however I had a word with myself to remind me that this is now my priority and that I would see Nic, once I had finished with my fitness regime. In the scheme of things, what is 30 minutes anyway?

Day 6

Today I had good intentions, alarm set for 08:30 for a 09:30 Pilates Reformer class….cue SNOOZE button. Plan B, alarm set for 10:00 for Yoga class at 11:00, the SNOOZE button making another cameo. Come 15:00 I was at Nic’s house, in my gym gear, with no particular plan. Out of nowhere I received a message from Kristina – my fellow hot, holistic, hostie friend asking if I’d like to join her for Bickram at Rawr Yoga. It’s been about three years since I last attended a Bickram class, but I thought why not, at least it was a clear plan for the evening. In the first set of breathing exercises I was wondering what the hell I’d been thinking when I agreed to this?? Thanks to a very motivating teacher, I soldiered on and can confirm that I made it through the long 1 1/2 hour ordeal, not without a few strained looks on my face and a thick film of glisten all over my exhausted body. In between all that I forgot to mention that I made a brief appearance in the MMA gym at Tecom to have a little sticky beak at the Rip:60™ class that guarantees a total-body transformation. I wasn’t sure if I would be able to handle a whole hour of this, deciding to have a looksie prior to committing. Whilst at the gym, I jumped on the treadmill for a 24 min, 2.25km walk. What the heck, when in Rome…..

Below I have included a few pics from my yoga outing for you to peruse.

Kristina signing into class

Kristina signing into class


A fancy looking mock coconut. Ingredients 100% pure coconut water, although nothing compares to the real deal.

A fancy looking mock coconut. Ingredients 100% pure coconut water, although nothing compares to the real deal.

How’s everyone else going with their own version of the 30 day challenge? If anyone would like to share their stories, I’d love to hear from you and feature your story on my page. You can contact me here, or feel free to post your comment below.

It’s time for me to love you and leave you, another late one. New York City is calling me, so I must rest now. I want to be rested enough to enjoy myself and keep moving upon my arrival in the city that never sleeps.

Goodnight world!! Remember, if you are reading this, you are on the right track!

Linda :-)

Yogavational teaching for today….

When you inhale, you are taking the strength from God. When you exhale, it represents the service you are giving to the world. B.K.S. Iyengar

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