30 Day – 30 Minute – August Fitness Challenge

Four months back when I started this blog, you may have read my post about gifting myself with Hot Cross Buns for Easter. It was subsequently followed by the story about my fears around exercising and the list of excuses I had come up with to stay within the boundaries of my comfort zone.

Since then I have been seeing a personal trainer twice a month, tried an array of new classes in various countries such as Zumba, Five Rhythms and Nia, added to my library of exercise competencies and been introduced to equipment such as kettle bells, various weights, stability balls and most recently the TRX® Suspension Trainer™. At times I have acquired pain in places I didn’t know even existed as my muscles were being slowly woken up. I initially found difficulty sitting down or walking for a few days, post workout. One time I felt as if I actually needed a zimmerframe to leave my Hotel room….and I am not exaggerating!

I trained outdoors until the weather made it unbearable, along my journey discovering new things and places in Dubai such as a Byky station at Souk Al Bahar where you can rent bicycles for 20dhs per hour and ride around the Burj Plaza area, the pedestrian walkway between Dubai Mall station and the actual mall and a bunch of subtle signs that hinted I am on the right track.

The view from my bus stop to my destination at the  Burj Plaza park - situated right behind the worlds tallest building, The Burj Khalifa (on the left). On this particular day I went one stop too far on the bus which led me to the Metro station and the signs I have pictured below.

The view from my bus stop to my destination at the Burj Plaza park – situated right behind the worlds tallest building, The Burj Khalifa (on the left). On this particular day I went one stop too far on the bus which led me to the Metro station and the signs I have pictured below. Yes you read that correctly…I may very well be the only cabin crew who has ever set foot on the bus and I love it!



Throughout my fitness journey I have been exercising an average of four times a week and now I feel it’s time to step up my pace and challenge myself to 30 consecutive days of training, for a minimum of 30 minutes. This is planned to go on – rain, flight, sand storm or heat wave!

The same way I committed to my 30 day smoothie challenge (these days my daily groothie is prepared on auto-pilot) I intend to make this part of my daily practice.

One of my 30 days of green love

One of my 30 days of green love

Things that have proven barriers in the past:

Time Management

Always waiting for the perfect moment…saying I’ll do it after this or that and then realising another day has passed and then it gets put on my list for mañana. On the days when I get up and workout first thing, I get hydrated early and create a positive, energised and focused mind-set for the rest of the day. Do you realise how good it feels knowing your day is free of thinking about where and when you are going to squeeze in your fitness regime, or not having to feel guilty about skipping it completely?

One particular morning I did an intense at home workout before heading off to the standby lounge. When I came home I wandered up to the local shops to purchase a few necessities and was rewarded with nearly 1000 dirhams worth of shopping vouchers. I just happened to be in the right place at the right time. This was something that never would have happened if I came home thinking I must get a workout in before the day is over and I felt like it was a signal encouraging me to use my mornings to my advantage more often.

My other reasons are a side effect of time management…..missing the window of opportunity before of after a flight, frequently getting sucked into the World Wide Web or being too full to workout after a meal.

Last but not least, I sometimes get distracted by my boyfriends company – especially when he is at my place. I live in a studio apartment and I don’t feel as free to move around in the eary hours when he is there. Given that he likes to go to sleep and rise late and I like to generally wake with the sun, this can put me out of sync with my daily rituals.

The moral of the story is, most of these instances could be overcome if I just got up and got my GTY (gym, tan, yoga) on, even if Nic is still enjoying his dreamtime.

During the next 30 days I am sure there are plenty of workout suggestions I could be following that would condition me to the best version of myself. Right now, that isn’t my vision. August is about forming healthy, sustainable, exercise habits. Once the foundations are there, then I will start thinking about my bikini bod and getting noticeable results from my efforts.

  • Day 1 – a slow start which included a 15 min walk, followed by 30 mins cycling.
  • Day 2 – 35 min thorough relaxation yoga program ( via my iPad ), as I left this until late evening and didn’t want to energise myself too much before bed.

Tomorrow I plan to pick up the pace a little. Stay tuned! In saying that I must sign off now as I have standby from midday so I want to get moving by 10am at the latest.

Saying goodnight now on Day 2 of my 30 day fitness challenge. I encourage you all to join me on my quest to create a daily fitness habit. If you feel like you need a professional encourager to help you take one baby step at a time, connect with me here, I would love to help.

Ciao for now!

Linda :-)

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