My Friend Passport – Interview With Tennille Holt

Todays post focuses on what is officially known as the Republic of Singapore, a Southeast Asian island city-state off the southern tip of the Malay Peninsula, 137 kilometres north of the equator.

The stunning Tennille Holt

The stunning Tennille Holt

Tennille, an Executive Director/co-founder at Holt Health, frequent gym bunny and ex-cabin crew, gives an informative and fresh, expats perspective on how to enjoy your transit time in this cosmopolitan city. It looks like chilli crab, Chimes and Zouk are definitely what we would refer to as fish and chip wrap (yesterday’s news).


Tennille enjoying the fresh air and outdoors...

Tennille enjoying the fresh air and outdoors…

Friend Stamp – Tennille Holt

Which awesome city is lucky enough to host the gorgeous Tennille Holt and what took you there?
Sentosa Cove, Singapore! I moved here for LOVE two years ago!

Your take on how we met?
I met Wifey on a Melbourne/Auckland trip back in my Emirates days. I still remember us hitting Les Mills gym in Auckland together. Naturally we got on like a house on fire..and set off on many crazy vacations together! From Carnivale in Brazil to the Winter Music Fest in Miami!

Your favourite holiday destination to calm the mind, body and soul?
The Maldives. My Husband, Sun, sand, crystal clear waters and the fruits of the world = BLISS!
I urge all of you to visit The W Maldives, I’m pretty sure this place is the definition of heaven!
Let loose in Singapore for 24 hrs only, what would be on your list of must do and see?
Brunch at Tanjong Beach Club Sentosa, followed by a morning stroll through Gardens by The Bay, Lunch at P.S Cafe in Dempsey Hill, Shopping on Orchard Road (preferably Ion), High Tea at The Fullerton Bay Hotel, Dinner and Cocktails at Ku De Ta on the roof top of Marina Bay Sands where you can look down on the light show at 8pm…then dance the night away at Pangea in the crystal pavilion under the water at Marina Bay Sands!

What staple items are in your carry on luggage?
Morrocon Oil, Greens Plus, Glytone Skincare and Louboutins!

How do you manage to stay fresh, alert and good to go upon reaching your destination?
I swear by Greens Plus Superfood Powder! I have this daily, whether it’s in my smoothies, juices or I often make greens plus shots in the morning.
Greens Plus is a synergy of 29 nutrient-rich Superfoods, Sea Vegetables and High-Energy Herbal Extracts. One serving of Greens Plus delivers more essential vitamins, organic minerals, amino acids, enzymes and antioxidants than 5 full servings of fruits and vegetables! Now go and buy it!
Where are your favourite places to shop in Singapore for healthy, organic wholefoods and supplements?
I buy all of my organic fruit and veg from the Market Place at Tanglin Mall. Singapore is not the easiest place to shop for healthy foods – however, it is improving!

In Harbourfront, opposite my Bikram Yoga studio is the cutest little health food store, if they don’t have what you are looking for they will find it!

Good quality supplements are hard to find in Singapore, so we stock up when we are in The States.

Your choice as Singapore’s healthiest and tastiest place to eat?
The Garden Restaurant at The Sentosa Resort, Sentosa Cove.
You will find the restaurant inside the Spa at The Sentosa Resort. It’s an idyllic setting, among the lush greenery , waterfall and pool – you are 100% removed from the hustle and bustle of Singapore!

The Spa at The Sentosa Resort - The View From The Garden Restaurant

The Spa at The Sentosa Resort – The View From The Garden Restaurant

The Garden infuses gourmet dining with the right balance of nutritious and health-giving benefits, much to the delight of those seeking a healthy meal!
My meal of choice is the salad bucket which you construct yourself – and it is actually served in a bucket! Delish!

Are there any fitness classes or places to enjoy training outdoors that you would consider unique to Singapore?
For you Yogi’s – there is a Bikram Yoga studio at Harbourfront with 6 or 7 classes daily… and you may even have a visit from Bikram himself!

You can visit the amazing Fitness First gym at The Mapletree Centre – they have an outdoor cardio area fit with TRX stations – which will be sure to make you sweat in Singapore’s 32 plus degree daily heat!

What’s your favourite, on the go, healthy snack choice?
On the go – you will always catch me with one of my fresh smoothies or coconut water.

Are there any natural beauty lotions and potions that you particularly recommend for the glamourset to stay looking gorge throughout our journey? Where in Singapore can we get our mitts on some?
As AADFA (our business) is all about looking good, I swear by great skincare and weekly visits to the Dermatologist for Facial Laser Treatment, chemical peels and microdermabrasion.
For me it’s all about taking preventative actions against premature skin ageing, so I swear by Glytone! Glytone is the only skincare line available that provides a customized step approach formulated with the highest free acid values available.

For a little poke and prod with Botox or Filler on your Singapore layover – I highly recommend, Dr Myles Holt at SmileFocus (Camden Medical Centre)!

Do you have a recipe you would like to share for busy peeps on the go, that could quite easily be packed to consume onboard?
If you don’t own a juicer and a blender – BUY THEM IMMEDIATELY! They will be one of the best purchases you will make in your lifetime!

Green Smoothie Love

Green Smoothie Love

Here is my smoothie recipe to keep you full …and is jam packed with so much green goodness your body will love you!

1/2 lime (I leave the rind on)
2 x apples
1/4 pineapple
1/4 medium cucumber

1/2 ripe avocado
Handful of fresh wheatgrass
Small handful of fresh spinach
1 or 2 teaspoons of Greens Plus
Handful of ice cubes
Open up two caps of digestive enzymes
Add the juice that you have made above, now blend everything together!

I’ve purchased the 8oz ball mason jars, so you can add your smoothie to the jar, put the lid on and you can easily pack it to take onboard.

Thank you Tennille!

P.S. I was back at Les Mills in Auckland last week and was reminiscing about our first time there. Our holidays together and the subsequent peeps I’ve met as a result of our adventures to the epicentre of fun, have definitely had a big impact on influencing the person I have metamorphosed into today and I thank you very much for keeping me company in the cocoon.

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