Raw Cheescake Pudding

After having my amazing super powered Blentec blender sitting on my kitchen bench since Christmas, I have finally got my mitts on the appropriate voltage converting box and I am excited to get experimenting and creating new recipes!!!

Last night I decided I was going to attempt my first raw cheesecake dessert, however as the night grew shorter and I became wearier, I opted to start with the beginners version and make a cheesecake pudding instead.

I am pretty impressed with the result and I feel confident that I will have mastered it just in time for the adult version, which I plan to produce for my boyfriends birthday in three days…..stay tuned!!! That’s going to also involve me getting my head around the food processor I have had sitting on the same kitchen bench, for equal duration.

I was a gobble guts and consumed the whole thing, possibly not the best idea for anyone counting calories (clearly I’m not), as although containing only natural, easily digestible foods, take a look at the ingredients and you do the math. In hindsight, I would recommend this recipe be split into smaller portions and served as a mini dessert or enjoyed as an infrequent treat.




  • 1 cup of raw cashews (soaked for 2-3 hours, then drained)
  • 1/3 cup lemon juice
  • 1/3 cup raw coconut nectar
  • 4 medjool dates
  • 1 x vanilla pod
  • 1 pinch Himalayan crystal salt


  • Split the vanilla bean using the tip of a sharp knife.
  • Scrape along the cut surface to collect the hundreds of scented seeds and then blend with all the ingredients until smooth.
  • Top with bee pollen and fresh organic raspberries.

Dig in!!

Pack any leftovers in your Delsey and take to work. This definitely beats being tempted by a bunch of artificial food items, onboard an aircraft!

To find out why and how to soak cashews, click here.

.....a more appropriate serving size xo

…..a more appropriate serving size xo

9 thoughts on “Raw Cheescake Pudding

    • Hi Jaiden, thanks for the feedback. They did indeed taste pretty good, I must say! I do have a Tribest personal blender that I take overseas and make smoothies with. I haven’t actually tried making any of the desserts whilst downroute. Normally I make them beforehand and take onboard with me. As far as voltage goes, apart from the USA and South America it is usually much the same worldwide. I recently bought some appliances in the US and I have been using them here in Dubai with a Litefuze Converting Box. After doing much research this seemed to be the best on the market, however to be honest it is quite trying at times to use, as the safety switch often causes the box to short circuit. I can never be sure if I am going to be able to use it, which gets rather irritating. Where are you located?

      • I am the same bought a nutribullet from the us and tried using it in Dubai but it doesn’t work. Considering buying the box you recommended but not sure it’s worth lagging around when I go to other countries for work. Does it short circuit everywhere you attempt to use it? Contemplating just buying another cheap blender in Dubai and using that

  1. Hey Jaiden, I would definitely not recommend buying the converting box to lag around. It weighs a ton, first of all. Secondly it has a safety switch that kicks and and causes the circuit breaker to switch off. I can’t predict when this is going to happen (it’s quite frequent). This means I can’t use my appliances a percentage of the time…which becomes rather frustrating. I have tried everything to minimise this occurring, however there doesn’t seem to be a specific trigger. I just bought the nutribullet in the UK for my boyfriend and it wasn’t that expensive. The Tribest is definitely great for travel though. This I also purchased in the UK and I have no trouble with it.

    • Hey Jaiden, just to update you on this…Litefuze sent me a 2000 watt converter that seems to work fine….there was a long winded technical explanation as to why the 3000 watt version cut out frequently, however the same issue isn’t common with with the lower wattage. I hope this helps!

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