My Friend Passport – Interview With Beki Powell

Continuing with the theme of New York City I would like to introduce you to the beautiful Beki. Miss Powell offers some fresh, young and creative holistic health advice, for both travelling and spending time in her hometown ~ New York City Baby!

Friend Stamp – Beki Powell

The gorgeous Beki Powell!

The stunning Beki Powell!

Beki’s take on how we met….
An amazingly beautiful story that I tell everyone. Initially met briefly in Mexico. Several months later a 48 hour layover graced NYC with Miss Linda’s presence in which we spent the entire time together. I was fortunate enough to share her first snowman building experience on a rooftop in the Lower East Side – a snowy morning I will never forget! Then I had a dream I went to visit her in Dubai. She said, you should do it! So I did. It was awesome. Then one day on another rooftop in Brooklyn, I am sitting on a blanket telling someone the story of my trip to visit Linda. All of a sudden someone comes up behind me, and who was it? LINDA. AS I WAS TALKING ABOUT HER. That’s fate! May the serendipitous journey continue.

Building my first snowman on a New York  City rooftop with Beki -February 2011

Building my first snowman on a New York City rooftop with Beki -February 2011

Hit me with your elevator speech…
I am Beki Powell – a multi-media artist & DJ from New York City, inspired by the magic of the universe, touched by the soul of humanity, ready to change the world. I live my life like a lucid dream, treating it like a playground in which we can rearrange the elements to always create something new and exciting. Creativity is a never-ending impulse for me, and it’s not just about putting my ideas into the world. It’s about what those ideas will evoke in other people, and subsequently what they will in turn put back into the world. It’s an eternal exchange that I am indefinitely gracious for being a part of. I guess this was a bit philosophical for an introduction, add a hefty splash of silly & you got me in a nutshell.

Beki, hard at work in a career she loves!

Beki, hard at work in a career she loves!


Chicks with decks rock!

Let loose in New York City for 24 hours only, what would be on your list of must do and see?
Chelsea art gallery walk, Guggenheim, Hi-Line, live music in the park.

When travelling, what staple items are in your carry on luggage?
Headphones, note/sketchbook, Chirper (my small yellow stuffed animal bird).

What are your favourite tips for staying on track with regards to healthy eating and exercise whilst away from your homely creature comforts and routine?
Find the local marketplaces for fresh fruits and veggies, bakeries for freshly-made goodies, overall just avoid processed packaged stuff. Basically, if there are 100+ ingredients for a chocolate chip cookie, it’s probably not something a human being should consume. & WALK WALK WALK EVERYWHERE. This way you don’t miss a thing, and your body will be very happy about it! But don’t wear some bullshit shoes. Wear shoes with support.

Where are your favourite places to shop in NYC for healthy, organic wholefoods and supplements?
Chelsea Marketplace, Union Square Marketplace, Fresh

Your pick as New Yorks number one healthy dining hotspot?
I’m a vegetarian so I’m a big fan of all the veggie restaurants. Red Bamboo would be my favourite, because you can get ANY meat/non vegetarian dish you could imagine, all made with soy. HIGHLY recommend.

Are there any fitness classes or places to enjoy training outdoors that you would consider unique to New York City?
There are hula hooping classes in the park, yoga in Madison Square Park, or you could go dancing at South Street Seaport Water Taxi parties!

What’s your favourite healthy snack choice, on the go?
Banana! Boom!

Can’t live without natural beauty product?
Bare minerals all day!!


Thank-you Beki x

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