Hot Buns For Easter

A few weeks back I was flying back from Melbourne when a fellow crew member mentioned they had purchased hot cross buns on their layover. Initially I thought it odd they were selling them in store at this time of year, soon thereafter realising I was the odd one as I literally had no concept of time and date anymore, the significance of the holiday season a distant memory after nearly ten years living my life from a suitcase.
At that point having noted how easily I had forgotten about Easter I decided to remove the hot cross buns from my mind and resolved to give myself the gift of hot cross buns instead. It just so happened that I was flying for the second time with a colleague who has a like minded holistic approach to health and wellness, with the added skill of personal training. Sign me up I said! I look forward to being driven out of my comfort zone of walking on the treadmill and Hatha yoga, finding some new and fun physical activities to keep me entertained during my globetrotting and keeping you up to date on my progress. Oh and hopefully the nice, tight sexy buns I envisioned.

It has been suggested that the word April is derived from the Roman word “Aprilis” meaning “to open”. April 1st marks the opening of a new chapter and a Spring clean. To kick start the month with a focus to fitness and nutrition I decided to sign up for the “Young and Raw 30 Day Green Smoothie Challenge”. I receive a 5 day shopping list and 1 smoothie recipe per day for the next 30 days. The challenge runs from April 1-30th and will compliment my new physical activity regime just nicely.

To join me, jump onboard at:

Day 1 - Immune Booster Detox Smoothie

Day 1 – Immune Booster Detox Smoothie

This recipe can be found in the Smoothie section of “Recipes To Avoid Disaster”. A word of warning for those with a bland palette, go easy on the ginger!

Now you may wonder how the hell I plan to schedule one of these refreshing delights for 30 consecutive days whilst rarely in the same location, without the comfort of my routine, local grocer and kitchen appliances? The key is precisely that, in the planning. “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”- Benjamin Franklin. An easy way to get ready for a day or two away from home is to freeze your pre-made smoothie in a mason jar or the like, wrap it in a towel, secure it in your Samsonite, revealing your nutrient dense delight only once finally reaching your destination.

What are your favourite Samsonite suppers?

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